Born and raised in the high north of the Netherlands, Jorrit developed an eclectic taste and way of playing. It all started with heavy metal, but quickly he got interested in improvisation and all the possible sounds a guitar can make. He handles a diversity of musical styles for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Nowadays based in, and working from Rotterdam, he played with a wide variety of musicians and bands from all over: Han Bennink, Eric Vloeimans, Greg Saunier, Michael Moore, Martin Fondse, Wolter Wierbos, Morris Kliphuis, Michael Vatcher, JD Walter, National Youth Jazz Orchestra, Karawane, 3times7, Frisian Fanfare Orchestra, MILD, Startas Orkester, Morten Poulsen, Lukas Simonis, a.o.

His debut album, I don't know what I can imagine, which he solely recorded with guest appearances by Eric Vloeimans, Martin Fondse, Morris Kliphuis, Oene van Geel, Maaike van der Line and Aleksandar Škorić in the WORM studio, Rotterdam in 2016, was released in june 2017.

With his band 3times7 he released to self-produced record, Squeeze the Lemon (2016) and Bread & Circus (2019).


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